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The Caledonia Highlands quickly rise 300 metres from the Bay of Fundy. The Fundy National Park is in the transition zone between the strictly coniferous boreal forest to the north and deciduous-dominated forest to the south. Fundy’s landscape offers trails that appeal to bicyclists of every level, from flat and forested trails for family outings to exciting ravines where you can challenge your friends. Trails that are used for cycling are shared with hikers.  

The Fundy region is home to fantastic camping and attractions like the Hopewell Rocks.


  • Green Circle
  • Blue Square
  • Black Diamond
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Primary Trail Type:
Total Distance:
119 km
Total Descent:
5569 m
Total Vertical:
361 m
Trail & Community:
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  1. Top Parking Lot

    Quick access to Black Horse, Cygnus and a great starting point for a long descent to the lower parking lot.

  2. White Tail Parking Lot

    Parking lot located at the bottom of the White Tail Trail. Lot’s of space for parking and moderate climb into the trails.

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